Furnace Troubleshooting


Furnace Troubleshooting To Diagnose Common Furnace Problems

Having a properly functioning furnace is important, especially during winter. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly, it might help to do a little furnace troubleshooting on your own before you call a technician. You might just be able to solve your furnace problems without running up a service fee!

However, if you go through the checklist and your furnace still isn’t functioning, it’s time to call a technician so they can diagnose the issue and get your furnace up and running.


  1. Make sure the power switch on the furnace is in the “On” position.
  2. Make sure the thermostat is in the “Heat” position and the desired temperature is above the temperature in the house.
  3. Check the furnace filter:
    • If the filter is dirty, change it.
    • If the filter is still relatively clean, this likely indicates a more complex issue and means it’s time to call for a diagnostic technician.
  4. When calling for a technician, tell the person answering the phone what the furnace has been doing (ie: making noise, furnace on with no air coming out of vents, blowing cold air, etc.).
  5. Your technician will arrive and repair your furnace.

If you’ve tried these furnace troubleshooting steps and think you need furnace repair in Colorado Springs, we’re here to help! Springs Heating & Cooling prioritizes emergency furnace repair requests, as we know a lack of heating is serious during Colorado winters. Contact us today for your furnace repair!

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