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Residential HVAC Maintenance & Inspections

Over time, yearly service can save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs and repairs, and can also extend the life of your systems.

Colorado Springs heating services maintenance

Furnace Maintenance

Your home’s critical systems should be safe and reliable. Scheduling furnace maintenance can help you prevent a furnace emergency before it happens. A typical heating and cooling system in El Paso County cycles more than 3000 times per year! This is why it’s critical to have a yearly tune-up and safety inspection performed on your furnace system. We offer a yearly HVAC service plan, as well as regular furnace maintenance which includes a 25-point inspection and cleaning of the furnace.



Regular AC maintenance will ensure your air conditioner is working at top efficiency and can extend its lifespan. A typical air conditioning system in El Paso County cycles more than 2000 times per year! Tune-ups on your system will reduce breakdowns of the equipment, lower your utility payments, and extend the life of the system. We offer a yearly HVAC service plan, as well as regular AC maintenance which includes a 25-point inspection and cleaning of the evaporator coil and condenser coil as needed. We check all motors, the compressor, and refrigerant levels for proper cooling levels and possible leaks, and we check for proper operation of the air conditioning system.


Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Water is a valuable resource living in the high desert environment of Colorado. A well-maintained swamp cooler runs quietly and saves resources.  The certified technicians at Springs Heating & Cooling will help with maintenance for maximum efficiency during hot summer months. We provide regular swamp cooler maintenance on all makes and models of swamp coolers, which includes removal of evaporative media pads to check their condition.  When we come by for your fall shutdown of your swamp cooler, we’ll make sure your heating unit is ready for the winter season too. Spring or fall, we can take care of your swamp cooler startups and shutdowns!



In order to reduce the amount of airborne toxins and dust in your home that could affect your health, Springs Heating & Cooling is able to install and maintain many indoor air quality products to improve the air you breathe. These range from furnace filters and air conditioner filters to dedicated air filters. The addition of a whole house humidifier or dehumidifier can make a significant contribution to both the comfort and healthiness of your home. Springs Heating & Cooling provides maintenance and checkups for indoor air quality products, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.


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