Want To Breathe Cleaner, Fresher Air?
You Need A Home Air Purifier.

Did you know your home’s indoor air quality could be making you sick? In addition to things like dust, dandruff from pets, and odors from cooking, your home’s air could be harboring mold, bacteria, and viruses.

The right home air purifier can effectively eliminate harmful pathogens and allergens. Springs Heating & Cooling recommends the i-Wave R home air purifier to improve the air quality of your home. So, how does the i-Wave R home air purifier work?

home air purifier infographic

Your home should be a haven. An home air purifier can give you peace of mind that the air you breath isn’t contributing to or causing health issues for you and your family. For more information on improving your indoor air quality by installing the i-Wave R air purifier in your home, contact Springs Heating & Cooling at (719) 235-3779.

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