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Commercial Heating Repair & Maintenance In Colorado Springs

Springs Heating & Cooling is a premier residential and commercial HVAC service provider in Colorado Springs. We know how important your business is, so we treat it like it’s our own by giving our customers the very best service at an affordable price. If you need commercial heating repair or maintenance in Colorado Springs, we can help!

Colorado Springs heating services

Don’t get caught in Colorado Springs without Heat in your business

We often see Colorado Springs business owners who wait until the very last second to call for commercial heating repair or maintenance. If you’re having any problems with your heating system, call Springs Heating and Cooling immediately as this could potentially prevent the issue from getting worse. Here at Springs Heating & Cooling, we offer commercial HVAC repair and we want to share some of the more common commercial heating problems that our experts repair.

Not enough heat

If your Colorado Springs business isn’t getting enough heat,  you could make a bad impression on your customers, clients or employees. This issue is very common in Colorado Springs, and it is often caused by a clogged air filter, bad fan motors, and many other issues.


Your commercial HVAC system is highly complex and has a large number of moving parts. If those parts start to break down, you might start to hear unusual noises coming from your commercial heating equipment. Squealing coming from your furnace is often caused by a bad fan belt. There are many other noises to listen for, so call Springs Heating & Cooling for commercial heating repair and maintenance.

Clogged air filter

One of the most common causes of all commercial heating problems in Colorado Springs is a clogged air filter. Your heating unit uses an air filter to protect the moving parts from large particles like dust, dirt, and insects. If the filter gets clogged and isn’t changed, it will restrict the flow of air through the heating system and cause problems like insufficient heating, increased wear and tear, and reduced efficiency.


Commercial Heating Maintenance

Any breakdown in a commercial heating or cooling system is a serious thing. But, for owners of Colorado Springs commercial properties, it’s not just a serious matter, it’s critical. Whether the property is an apartment building, retail store, office building or warehouse, the loss of heating can affect scores of people. The problem must be repaired immediately. We know that you need to restore heating right away to avoid serious losses and business disruption. Our team of well-trained, experienced HVAC technicians is always on call to respond to your call, and is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose the commercial heating problem and repair it as quickly as possible. We have immediate access to replacement furnace parts of all major brands.  We can work on any type of commercial heating unit, whether it is a rooftop unit, a package unit, or a split unit. If the cost of repairs is more than a new unit, we offer one-day commercial furnace installation.

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