Thinking About A Residential Swamp Cooler? Here’s What You Need to Consider

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Keeping cool in the summer can be a challenge, but in the right conditions an evaporative cooler (more commonly called a “swamp cooler”) can be an inexpensive and eco-friendly way of beating the heat.  They work simply by evaporating water stored in a tank, which has the effect of sucking heat energy out of the air.  They are inexpensive to acquire and to operate.

However, a residential swamp cooler isn’t always the best cooling solution. Here are a few things you should be aware of when you’re deciding what type of air conditioning is right for your home.

Is A Residential Swamp Cooler Right for You?

  1. It needs a dry environment

The effectiveness of a swamp cooler is directly related to humidity levels.  The more humid your air is, the less useful a swamp cooler would be.  So, ironically enough, the worst place to run a swamp cooler would be in an actual swamp.  On the other hand, they are extremely common and popular in the southwest deserts and other dry climates.

  1. It needs a constant water supply

If you happen to be in an area experiencing drought or restrictions on water usage, you may not want a swamp cooler.  They require water to operate.  However, for everyone else, that’s one of their big benefits: they are extremely ecologically friendly because the only thing they use or emit is plain water.

  1. Maintenance needs are relatively high

Because swamp coolers are continuously sucking in air and water, that makes it easy for their intakes to get clogged.  You’ll need to keep an eye on the intakes and filters, as well as regularly cleaning the water tank to prevent any mineral buildup.

  1. Size matters

Because swamp coolers push out air under their own power, the size of your room(s) will dictate the size of the swamp cooler.  For larger rooms, you may even need two.  Your air conditioning dealer can help you determine the proper size for your property.

  1. They must be winterized

Your swamp cooler will need to be disconnected, cleaned, and stored at the end of every summer.  They absolutely cannot be used in cold weather and can be harmed if they are sitting out in freezing temperatures.

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