The Pros & Cons of Swamp Coolers

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Deciding how best to cool down your home can be difficult with the wide range of options available. That’s why it can help to have some tips at your disposal. Here we will break down the good and the bad when it comes to residential swamp coolers so that you can decide whether this is the best option for your home.

Pro: A Cost-Efficient Method of Cooling

A residential swamp cooler works by allowing the air to pass through a wet surface, which will extract heat from the air as the water evaporates. This is a tried-and-true method of cooling which does not require the energy or mechanics needed with refrigeration. These factors will allow you to cool your home at a relatively low price.

Con: Impractical for Humid Areas

For a residential swamp cooler to work, the air outside of the home must be dry as the cooling system passes air through a wet surface, converting it to humid air. For this reason, the local climate must be taken into consideration and a residential swamp cooler may not be the best option for your home.

Pro: A Green Option

Because this cooling system operates without the energy that is required with refrigeration, it makes a more economically friendly option. Residential swamp coolers have been an effective way of cooling without harming the environment since ancient times.

Con: Regular Maintenance is Necessary

Although residential swamp coolers are a generally cost-effective solution for cooling the air in your home, they can become expensive in maintenance costs. Residential swamp coolers can also affect the moisture levels in a home, causing mold or mildew to develop in more extreme cases. A poorly-installed swamp cooler could also be ripped from your home in windy conditions, leaving a hole in the roof. For these reasons, you’ll need a professional maintenance team on call. At Springs Heating & Cooling, we offer emergency maintenance for any problems that may arise with your residential swamp cooler.

Pro: A Chemical-Free Option

For homeowners who are concerned with the refrigeration chemicals associated with other cooling systems, one can be sure that the residential swamp cooler is a chemical-free solution that makes use of the natural effects of cooling warm air by passing it through a water pad as it enters the home

Con: Less Effective Than Other Cooling Systems

The residential swamp cooler is dependent on the naturally-occurring air outside of the home. It is, therefore, less reliable and unable to produce the same amount of cool air that refrigeration systems offer.  If the air outside is moist and warm, the swamp cooler will be ineffective and will make the inside of the home warmer and muggy.

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