How Often Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs?

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If you have an HVAC system in your home, office, or other building, it will need to be periodically cleaned. Depending on the size of the system, this can be an annoying maintenance cost, but it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the efficiency of your HVAC will steadily degrade, harmful contaminants will start to build up in the ducts, and the HVAC system itself could even become damaged.
Fortunately, you don’t need to do a complete air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs that often. Here are the few times it needs to be done.

When Do I Need A Complete Air Duct Cleaning?

1. If it’s been 3-5 years since the air ducts were cleaned last
At a bare minimum, you want to have your ducts cleaned every five years. And even then, that’s only if you are thorough about changing filters in your furnace regularly – that’s every three months in the winter, and once a month in the summer if you are operating an air conditioner. If you aren’t changing your filter regularly, you’ll need to have your ducts cleaned every three years or so.

2. If you’re doing any new construction or renovation
Any sort of construction or renovation will send large amounts of particulate matter into the air within the building, and much of that will end up in the ducts – or even in your HVAC unit itself. Even relatively minor renovations can significantly increase the amount of buildup within your ducts. So, plan on having your ducts cleaned as soon as possible, after the work is done.

3. If you are experiencing any of the following
There are a lot of signs and symptoms that a building’s ducts need to be cleaned. Regardless of other factors, if you see any of these red flags, you should be calling your local air duct cleaning service to have them look into it!
• A persistent musty or moldy smell from vents.
• Buildup of dust or debris beneath vents, or in the path of the airflow, especially in dry seasons in Colorado Springs.
• Noticeable dust coming out when the system kicks in.
• A vermin infestation. If you have rats, roaches, or other such pests, it’s guaranteed that they’ve been contaminating your ducts with their waste.

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