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Springs Heating & Cooling is the best choice for your air conditioning and furnace HVAC needs in Colorado Springs. Getting the job done right the first time while fostering lasting relationships is our reputation. Our commitment to ethical practices, fair pricing, and prioritizing our clients’ best interests sets us apart.



HVAC Services


Commercial and Residential HVAC services in Colorado Springs, CO


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Experience the ultimate in comfort and reliability with our comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions! Elevate your indoor environment with our expert maintenance, swift repairs, and seamless installation services. Beat the heat and ensure your system operates at peak performance all year round. Trust us to keep you cool, comfortable, and worry-free! Book your yearly maintenance service today or give us a call for a quote on install.



We understand the importance of a reliable heating system for cozy living during colder months. Whether you’re a homeowner or oversee commercial properties, our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring the comfort of your occupants. From meticulous maintenance to efficient repairs, and seamless installations, trust us to provide warmth and comfort in every corner of your space.

We offer comprehensive yearly system maintenance for all HVAC units, guaranteeing the longevity and peak efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Other Services

Beyond our core offerings, our company goes the extra mile to enhance your overall indoor experience. Elevate your air quality with our indoor air quality and humidification services, ensuring a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Trust us for expert swamp cooler maintenance, optimizing their efficiency for optimal cooling performance. Our thorough duct cleaning services eliminate dust and allergens, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. Count on us for a holistic approach to your indoor comfort needs.


Air Quality

Prioritizing indoor air quality through the installation and maintenance of cutting-edge air quality products is crucial for safeguarding both health and comfort within your home. By integrating advanced ventilation systems, air purifiers, and high-efficiency filters, to ensure that living space remains free from airborne pollutants, allergens, and contaminants.


Swamp Coolers

Ensuring the efficient operation of your swamp cooler is pivotal for optimal cooling performance. At our HVAC company, we specialize in comprehensive swamp cooler maintenance and repair services. Our skilled technicians are adept at inspecting, cleaning, and fine-tuning swamp cooler components to maximize their longevity and efficiency.



Humidification is a vital aspect of creating a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for both homes and businesses. Proper humidity levels, maintained through advanced HVAC solutions, offer a range of benefits. Installing humidifiers helps combat dry air, reducing the risk of respiratory issues, skin irritations, and static electricity.


Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a critical component of maintaining a healthy and efficient HVAC system, and our company is dedicated to providing top-notch services in this regard. Over time, dust, allergens, and contaminants can accumulate within your ductwork, compromising indoor air quality and reducing system efficiency.


About Us

Springs Heating & Cooling was born in April 2015 from a desire to assist people with their HVAC repair and installation needs. We consistently find that most people have questionable experiences with HVAC repair companies, and our desire is to listen to the client and learn what they want from our services – commercial or residential. We want the client to know that we are their ally and we are seeking to satisfy their concerns. We also work with your budget and offer financing options and leasing through our Springs Advantage Program.

The Best in Technology

We take pride in offering the best in technology to ensure your home or business enjoys optimal comfort. We bring cutting-edge heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions to meet your diverse needs. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in the latest advancements, enabling us to deliver top-tier installations, repairs, and maintenance services. Whether it’s Amana’s advanced variable-speed technology, smart thermostat integration, or energy-efficient components, we bring the pinnacle of HVAC technology to your doorstep.


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